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This privacy policy outlines and explains the collected information that is collected from you when you interact with any website managed or owned by SOLTITRADE LIMITED, its affiliates and associate branches. This information can include who we are as a company, the type of information we collect, reasons we utilize your information, where your information is being shared to and the reason it is being shared, the means under which your information is protected, and how you can go about editing and making reviews of your information. When you agree to utilize our services and the Site, you are acknowledging that you understand and consent to SOLTITRADE LIMITED gathering, processing, retaining, and sharing your information as outlined within this privacy policy. If for any reason you do not comply or agree with our policies and actions, then you should not use the Site.

Who we are

We are SOLTITRADE LIMITED, who are also connected and in relation with our various affiliates and subsidiaries. If you wish to contact us, you may reach us by email at Our address is SOLTITRADE LIMITED, Unit 29032, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, United Kingdom, if you want to contact us via mail.

Personal information that is collected

Voluntarily collected information

If you place an order or create an account with SOLTITRADE LIMITED, we collect any information that is voluntarily provided to us. This information has the potential to be combined and gathered with other information provided to us by you. Through the use of certain software like cookies, web beacons, log files, JavaScript, and similar information software, we will gather and store information collected by our software.

Account Registration information

To successfully create and register an account with SOLTITRADE LIMITED, we ask that you provide us with personal information including name, email address, and password.

The purchase process

While we do recommend you create an account for easier future transactions, it is not required that you create an account to place an order with us. If you decide to place an order with us, you will be given the option to checkout with your personal account or via a guest account. Upon use of a guest checkout, you will have the opportunity to create an account during the checkout process.

What your personal information is used for

When you give us your personal information, it can be used for business focused motives that include:

  1. Where essential in agreeing with the relevant laws and legal obligations
  2. Where essential to ensuring the protection of SOLTITRADE LIMITED’s rights as well as maintaining compliance with legal processes, court orders, and required judicial proceedings
  3. Where essential to ensure successful completion of your orders as well as any necessary returns and exchanges
  4. Where essential to grant you entrance onto the Site and relevant services
  5. Where essential to fulfil a contract’s intended purpose or to provide you with our services
  6. Where essential to notify you of an issue when attempting to fulfil your order
  7. Where essential to give you the relevant customer assistance and when responding to your inquiries, concerns, questions, or comments
  8. Where essential to give you updated order information and general order status reminders
  9. Where essential to carry out any contests or sweepstakes that you have been involved in
  10. Where essential to have your settings modified
  11. Where essential to notify you of pertinent notifications including changes to our terms and conditions, policy changes, and system status change information
  12. Where essential to protecting the security of our interests, preventing fraud, and locating potential threats
  13. Where essential for protecting and maintaining the integrity the policies and safeguards mentioned in our terms and conditions
  14. Where essential for us to uphold the condition of the Site, our various products, and any other relevant services
  15. Where SOLTITRADE LIMITED sends you our special offers, newsletters, and promotions with your consent.
  16. Where SOLTITRADE LIMITED sends you text notification and email messages with your consent

Our Cookies

To enhance the appeal of specialized offers and unique advertisements, we use cookies to enhance our provided services, to look for and prevent fraud, to retain your unique account settings, and to give you a more custom experience.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file generated by a given website that is designed to store small text and data. SOLTITRADE LIMITED uses several types of cookies when you access the Site along with other third parties. Our cookies can be used to connect data that you have provided when accessing the Site.

Log file cookies

We may gather information in a number of log files that interact with other information that has been collected about you. This information is then used to investigate trends, inspect user movement, manage the Site, and take care of general demographic information for our usage.

Functional cookies

As is the case with many websites, we need to utilize some essential cookies that are needed for the Site to run properly and are unable to be deactivated. Because of this, you will be unable to browse the Site and seek an online fulfilment with SOLTITRADE LIMITED, if you reject the cookies. Our cookies are utilized for many business and website essential services such as registration abilities, account updates and modifications. These cookies are also required for you to successfully make a transaction, allow the Site to run securely, and monitor and help prevent fraud. For SOLTITRADE LIMITED to help make the Site more user friendly, cookies are also used for account customization and are used to recognize and adapt the web content to better fit with your preferred browsing software.

Third-Party Service cookies

Depending on the specific cookie setting you utilize, SOLTITRADE LIMITED alongside third-party services that you also have operating could potentially need cookies that will give you the ability to use third-party services alongside our own services within the Site. We do not have any ways to investigate or take over any third-party technology. Take special notice that this privacy policy only covers the cookie usage in relation with SOLTITRADE LIMITED and is not liable to cover any use of software by any given third-party service providers.

Who your information is shared with

With your consent or by request, we may share or confide your personal information in scenarios when you allow a third-party to have connection with your account or if you allow us to contact a marketplace seller or similar business with your personal feedback.

We may also share your personal information between:

Third-party market Sellers

Products for sale on SOLTITRADE LIMITED’s platform may be offered by a third-party distributor. The formal identification for our third-party sellers is marketplace sellers. So that we can ensure efficient and consistent marketplace seller transactions, the necessary personal information you have provided can be provided to these sellers.

Service Providers

So that your credit card information is successfully processed for a given purchase, we must share your personal information as well as given financial information for authorization and acceptance through the merchant bank. With an enhanced security system, this process is secure and protected. Refer to the below security section if you wish to see more details on any given security details.

As an added note, there are circumstances in which we can utilize a third-party company to take care of tasks on our behalf. Some of these functions include order fulfilment, the delivery of packages, marketing insights, mail and electronic information delivery, customer support, analytics of our data, and the processing of credit. Any third party contracted for the above tasks will have limited access to your personal data and will not be allowed to use it for any unrelated purpose.

Affiliated Institutions

SOLTITRADE LIMITED may share your personal information with its relevant affiliates or subsidiaries.

With continued evolution of our business, we may sell or take on new business units or subsidiaries. Within the transfer of these transactions, customer information is a relevant asset that would be transferred among transactions. If this situation was to occur, the only use of your personal information would be that that was in accordance with our already active Privacy Notice as well as our terms and conditions.

Required by Law

As required by law, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information as well as if we find reason to believe that it is necessary to disclose information that will keep out rights protected and comply with the relevant court order, a judicial proceeding, or any legal process served on SOLTITRADE LIMITED.

Publicly available Information

We reserve the rights to use, collect, store, share, disclose, and transfer your information that is free to the public domain including any data that has been shared via social media or a blog of any nature.

Non-Personal Information

We reserve the right to collect, use, store, transfer, share, and disclose non-personal information for any purpose.

Customer Feedback

To ensure relevant feedback and improved customer experience, our feedback sections are closely monitored for accurate feedback. We utilize our feedback sections so that users can share their experiences and provide feedback from their use of the Site. Any published feedback that is publicly available is authentic and has not been modified by SOLTITRADE LIMITED. If necessary, the feedback that has been given to SOLTITRADE LIMITED may be taken down or uploaded at any given time.

Feedback posted by users gives us the permission to use feedback for business purposes or for reprint. The following is also agreed upon: no compensation will be offered for feedback that we choose to use at our own discretion; pseudo name credit may or may not be used at our discretion; we have the right to use the feedback perpetually that can be assigned by us; the feedback provided to use may be used on a local, national, or international basis among any media platform that exists currently or in the future; you have posted the provided feedback and not another person.

Take special notice that the reading, collecting, and usage of any information you provide in feedback is used by anyone.

How we protect your information

Information Security

Customer information at is a top priority that we go through great lengths to protect. Your sensitive information submitted through the Site is protected whether you are online or offline.

The merchant will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.

SSL encryption software is used when you are asked to enter sensitive information, including credit card information, with our registration/order form. To learn more about SSL, follow this link:

Restrictions are active to all of our users’ information. All SOLTITRADE LIMITED’s employees are required to wear identification and to check in to our securely locked facility. A combination of security alarms and cameras are strategically placed throughout our facility. Personal information will only be granted access by employees who need it to undertake a specific job function.

Send us an email at, if you have any additional curiosity or questions about the security at SOLTITRADE LIMITED.

Period of retention

Your personal information will be retained by us for the necessary amount of time that is outlined within this policy unless the law requires or permits a longer period.

Information Safeguards

To ensure that your username and password remain confidential, DO NOT share this information with anyone.


No product sold by SOLTITRADE LIMITED is designed for minors to purchase. Products oriented towards the youth are intended for purchase by adults only. A parent or guardian is required for consenting usage of the Site if you are considered a minor in your given region. Anyone under the age of 13 will not have their personal information taken from us if we are informed of it. We at SOLTITRADE LIMITED are dedicated to the protection and privacy of children.

Changing or reviewing your information

IF you wish to change your account details or settings, you may adjust the following:

Special Offer options

You have the option to take advantage of special offers by clicking the relevant field when placing your order.

SOLTITRADE LIMITED has options in place for those users who are currently receiving our unique offers and would like to terminate their messages. An email request may be sent to stating that you wish to be removed from the email listing. With every SOLTITRADE LIMITED communication, there is a link that will take you to the necessary page to be automatically unsubscribed. However, it is possible you will receive infrequent notification of specials, product, news or additional services.

Push Notifications

To have your current push notifications halted, you may pause these notifications from your mobile device through the system settings.

Privacy policy updates

This privacy is under review regularly and sees updates when necessary with the continued evolution of our services and need for personal data usage. We will make notifications here, by email, or by announcement on our homepage if changes are made to our policies.

We will update the date of this document each time it is changed.

The Privacy Policy contained herein became officially effective on January 15, 2022.


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