Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions serve as an agreement between SOLTITRADE LIMITED and the client and/or customer.

Website thebuyelectronics.com is owned and operated by SOLTITRADE LIMITED and is registered under the address Unit 29032, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, United Kingdom under the law of the United Kingdom. Our registration number is 12339879.

General Policy

By clicking to continue, the client agrees to thebuyelectronics.com’s purchasing policy online. Terms and conditions are flexible and are liable to be altered at any time at the discretion of thebuyelectronics.com. This may happen before the thebuyelectronics.com has confirmed the order. The user/client undertakes the responsibility of keeping up to date with changes to terms and conditions as well as any changes that may occur to the product.

All terms, specifications, and prices associated with offers are liable to be altered without warning and should be seen as a tentative agreement or offer. thebuyelectronics.com assumes no accountability or liability for any photographic or clerical errors that may occur on the client’s side. The customer is also responsible for any return shipping charges that may occur and of all RMA services. Under any circumstances thebuyelectronics.com reserves the right to refuse service when deemed appropriate.

All products must be returned within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the invoice. All products must be returned without any delay. When returned, the product must be in original condition, without damage, and the client will assume the responsibility for paying a non-refundable shipping charge.

If a client completes an RMA Request Form and accurately completes all the required information, they will be asked to share their preference in how to exchange. However, the option will be decided conveniently by thebuyelectronics.com.

thebuyelectronics.com will automatically give refunds if unable to keep any exchange requests. In any case a store issued RMA number is required to complete the return process. All claim requests will be rejected if the client is unable to provide the store issued RMA number.

All items that are directly purchased from thebuyelectronics.com are included and can be found within the direct item coverage programs of thebuyelectronics.com. If the purchaser wishes item coverage to be transferred through resale, gifting, or any other way, they must obtain the permission of thebuyelectronics.com. thebuyelectronics.com will hold the responsibility and have the final decision in determining if a purchased product has been used properly and the way it was intended to be used. Improper usage or misuse of a product that can cause damage to it will result in voiding warranty terms. The client holds full responsibility for damages and costs associated with components, stated by thebuyelectronics.com or otherwise, by the purchased item. thebuyelectronics.com holds the right to forward all warranty claims, if applicable, to the manufacturer of the related products.

thebuyelectronics.com has holds the right to take up to four business days to prepare and item to be shipped and process payment. Business days are Monday-Friday and exclude all holidays. Almost all item purchases will result in shipping on the same day, but that timeframe is not guaranteed. If orders are made during the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) they will not be processed until the start of the business days. When orders are placed, they may be immediately processed. If there are changes or cancellations required, it will not be possible after the initial payment has been ordered, processed, and charged. thebuyelectronics.com holds customer service and cancellation requests as a priority within our values, but refund requests may be denied if the payment has already been charged.

Item Page Warranty Information Disclaimer

The period in which a product that has been proven to be defective can be returned or exchanged is known as the warranty period. All products come with a specific warranty period that’s been offered and determined by the manufacturer. thebuyelectronics.com holds no responsibility for this warranty and will not make any determinations regarding warranties. If you have to use your warranty policy, you must contact the product’s manufacturer to resolve the issue. It’s recommended that you contact the manufacturer for information on warranties as thebuyelectronics.com does not offer more than 30 days on our Defective Item Policy.

Price Matching

Because of global marketplace instability, products may fluctuate continuously. Because of this, thebuyelectronics.com will not price match or commit to prices that will remain unchanged throughout time.

Product Availability

thebuyelectronics.com maintains a state-of-the-art tracking system that monitors and checks the inventory level for each product. This is how thebuyelectronics.com informs the client of how much of a product is available. This is a reliable system but there may be some variation between the online stock listed and the physical product available and in stock. To resolve these issues, thebuyelectronics.com will make multiple attempts, such as informing the buyer as soon as possible, and: (1) Cancel the order for the client, (2) Send all orders excluding the unavailable item, (3) find a suitable item as a replacement and begin processing and dispatching the entire order as soon as possible, (4) backorder the item in question and complete the shipping process as normally as possible. To make the shipping faster, only items that are available and in-stock will be shipped to clients without clients being informed about unavailable items. The client will not be charged for items that haven’t shipped, but clients may still claim a refund for the exchange if there was a full-charge for all items delivered. However, canceling an item may result in the cancellation of all other backorders for the item in question. In this case, back order items are almost always shipped upon verification and approval from the client.

Shipping and Delivery

thebuyelectronics.com is only a distributor of items that are found and sold online. All products are shipped directly from other agencies to the client.

All orders can be shipped internationally. Two delivery options are available for shipping. This includes: International Unregistered Mail (€9.20) and has a delivery time between 14 and 21 business days and Trackable Courier Service (€27.60), which has an estimated delivery time of between 5 and 9 business days.

Payment of both the product and shipping charges is required before a client’s order will be shipped. This is because the shipping charge is confirmed when the order is placed. All fees associated with the delivery of the product to the client’s selected address are non-refundable. The only exclusion is defective products. thebuyelectronics.com assumes all responsibility for any products that were faulty or damaged and wrongfully shipped. thebuyelectronics.com will check all claims thoroughly and accept requests for exchange or send a refund unless the claim is found to be invalid. thebuyelectronics.com along with all authorized partners maintain the right to reject service, discontinue service, close all associated accounts, or cancel orders as a penalty for wrongful claims that were pushed forward.

In-Transit Item Damage

thebuyelectronics.com is solely responsible for the shipping of products to the specified destination. Shipping companies hold all liability for ensuring products arrive on time and in a suitable condition. There are delivery services that offer guarantees as to the result of theft, product loss, or any related damages. thebuyelectronics.com is not accounted for any in-transit damages, issues, or other related problems once a shipment has been sent from the warehouse. Clients will be offered compensation that is proportionate to damages that occurred while in-transit from the respective shipping company and according to the shipping company’s policy. Because of this, thebuyelectronics.com appreciates your willingness to take the initiative to contact the shipping company’s carrier insurance before any party is selected.

Product Return Shipment/Condition

Clients bear the burden of all associated costs and expenditures for handling, shipping, and transit when a product is being returned to thebuyelectronics.com. The client is required to send back the original product in the original condition. If the product is not returned in the original condition or is not the original product, thebuyelectronics.com will reject the return request. The product’s packaging, size, and all related accessories must be kept and maintained as they were original. If you’ve already unpacked a product, you will not be able to request a refund. If you’ve already begun using the production in question, returns will also be rejected. thebuyelectronics.com will only accept returns if the product is returned in an unused state or within the original packaging and untouched. If thebuyelectronics.com finds that a product is damaged, fully or partially unpacked, or has failed to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty policy, the request will not be processed any further and will be rejected.

All returned packages will be sent back to the original supplier.

Here is the correspondence address for clients or others who would like to send written letters: SOLTITRADE LIMITED,Unit 29032, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, United Kingdom

Order Cancellation & Charges

All clients will be allowed to cancel orders within the first 24 hours after a purchase has been placed. However, thebuyelectronics.com will always process confirmed payments as soon as possible for the convenience of the customer. Because of this, customer orders will be put forth to the warehouse as soon as possible for better service. After an order has been placed in the warehouse, customers lose the right to change the order or cancel it.

Because of this, it’s recommended for everyone to review the product in-depth before placing an order. This includes product details and descriptions. If the client requires a change after the order has been confirmed, they must contact thebuyelectronics.com as soon as possible so a cancellation may be possible. thebuyelectronics.com will always strive for excellence in customer service and return requests.

Refund Policy

In the case that an issue arises with products, delivery, or packaging, clients may ask for either a full refund or reshipment of the product within 14 days after the product has been received.

Credit refunds are provided in connection with a transaction by a credit transaction receipt. These refunds will be made in the same way that the related payment was received for the products in question.

Refund requests and related processes average between 5 to 7 business days.

Errors, Misprints, and Omissions

thebuyelectronics.com strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information at all times. However, misprints, omissions, and errors are still possible throughout the site content. This includes but is not limited to product descriptions, specifications of products, illustrations, inaccurate or incomplete prices, or images. No warranty is provided for the completeness or accuracy of thebuyelectronics.com’s content.

If a price was incorrectly displayed or if the content that was displayed contained inaccurate, incomplete, or erroneous information, thebuyelectronics.com holds the right to terminate, reject, correct, or cancel any orders. Orders are liable to be terminated, rejected, corrected, or outrightly canceled at any point in the process. If payment has been charged after an order is canceled, thebuyelectronics.com will issue a refund to the client as soon as possible to the account that was charged for the order. The client’s credit card policy or bank policy will determine the exact amount of money that is refunded to the appropriate account.

No obligation is assumed by thebuyelectronics.com to finalize the sale of any insurance, service, or product if omissions, errors, or misprinted information is found on the website.

thebuyelectronics.com can, without prior notice or liability to any users on the website, (A) limited the quantity of a product or service in specific instances, (B) make corrections or changes to services and products promoted on the website. This may include changes occurring to specifications, fees, descriptions, and prices. (C) make corrections to omissions, any inaccurate information listed, or erroneous content found on the website.

Order Discrepancies

If the client finds that there is a difference of any type upon receiving the physical product in comparison to the product shown online,thebuyelectronics.com recommends you to make contact with us within at least 5 (five) business days from when the product(s) were received. Beyond manual inspection, both the quantity of the items and package sizes are checked by our system before the product is given to the courier to avoid any such discrepancies from happening. Such issues rarely occur, but thebuyelectronics.com will respond to clients as soon as possible. thebuyelectronics.com’s department that handles these types of investigations makes these issues a top priority and will attempt to resolve any issues within 24 to 48 hours.

Account Coverage and Underage Order Responsibility

To maintain an account on our website, the client assumes all responsibility for the activities that take place on the account. This includes purchasing actions. To purchase through our website, the client must be above a certain age as well as present valid and legal credit card information. The product will be shipped to the address that is related to the credit card or payment method that is used. It’s recommended that all clients be at least eighteen (18) years of age to be eligible to purchase any products from thebuyelectronics.com. If you don’t meet the minimum age qualifications to order, permission may be granted from a guardian or legal parent before a purchase can be made.

Product Testing

It’s once again stated that thebuyelectronics.com holds no responsibility to test a purchased product’s functionality or condition before shipping from a warehouse. The original manufacturer is solely responsible for ensuring the product is of suitable quality and condition. We deliver all purchased products in the same packaging and material that it was received in by the distributor.

Pictures & Product Information

Because customers should strive to obtain all the necessary and critical information before making a purchase, thebuyelectronics.com attempts including detailed and descriptive information on the pros, cons, function, and product appearance of items found on the item pages. All descriptions and descriptive information are presented in the most accurate way possible to ensure the client’s expectations are met. However, some variation may be found on item descriptions and descriptive information. This may be especially relevant in the visual appearance of an item due to color combinations that may not be available for purchase. Due to this, clients are advised to discern the color and nuance of a product once they obtain the physical product. Beyond this, thebuyelectronics.com includes a warranty period for each product to satisfy this variance for clients. Clients are advised to validate the warranty time with the product’s original manufacturer for the best service. If you find that you’ve received a different product after thorough inspection, fill out an RMA request and return the product in question without damaging it or disturbing any of the original packagings.

thebuyelectronics.com can either issue an RMA for any divergence or issue the order to be canceled. thebuyelectronics.com maintains the right to decide what actions to take in the case of incorrect specifications, out of stock situations, or wrong shipment issues. If you find that suspicious or foul play activity is involved, your order will no longer exist. Offering invalid billing information will also be subject to the same grounds.

Tracking & the Status of Your Order

When an order has been successfully placed, all clients will receive an email confirmation that includes a link for tracking. thebuyelectronics.com uses unique tracking numbers to inform clients of the status of their order. This e-mail should be preserved in the event the client needs to reference it in the future.

If issues arise in contacting thebuyelectronics.com via email, the client may also contact us by phone. The e-mail associated with the query will still be replied to. Order statuses are available to be checked by logging into your account and visiting the Order-Status page.

Policy on Cross-Shipping

Cross-shipped products are always prohibited regardless of the condition of the product. New products will not be issued in exchange for a defective product until the alleged defective product arrives at our offices.

Promotion Limits and Discounts

Coupon codes and various promotional offers are generally only offered to a single-use. Because of this, only one individual can use a discount price one time. If there are multiple orders from the same person, thebuyelectronics.com maintains the right to cancel all orders from the account and restrict the account from using the applied discount. Beyond this, promo codes and offers may only be given to a specific set of individuals. These codes and offers are given via email newsletter. Using these codes if you have not received them personally is discouraged.

Information and Product Descriptions

thebuyelectronics.com will always do due diligence in representing products with real pictures along with detailed and accurate information on references, product descriptions, pricing, and more. It should be noted that thebuyelectronics.com is unable to give assurance because the human error may occur and product information on our website may not be entirely accurate.

We maintain the right to decline or cancel any order at any time during any circumstances without the discretion of the client. Links that are affiliated to other websites may make claims that are false and may make claims of products that may also be false. thebuyelectronics.com assumes no responsibility for these false claims or representations or any damages that may occur due to this false information from outside sources. This is because manufacturers of a product may make changes to the current version of the product and cause specifications to change at a semi-frequent occurrence. It’s always recommended that the client contact the original manufacturer before a purchase is made.

Mail-in Rebates

Some products listed on our website may maintain that promotions are available via the manufacturer in the form of mail-in partial refund offers. thebuyelectronics.com isn’t liable for these promotions in any way other than providing accurate information. The rebate process will strictly between the client and the manufacturer of the product in question. All questions and comments about mail-in rebates will be directly forwarded to the manufacturer. If an issue arises, thebuyelectronics.com is not held liable for any guarantees or claims that have been made and is not responsible for any mail-in rebate or partial refund.

Information on Extended Warranties

Only select products found on our website may have extended warranties granted during the purchase. Extended warranties will only cover hardware part replacements. Coverage for data or software is unavailable. The client holds responsibility for shipping costs of returned items that are incoming. Shipping costs on outgoing products will be maintained by thebuyelectronics.com. All warranties will be considered invalid if a purchased product has been mishandled or received any damages that were made purposefully and determined by the website.

Technical Support

thebuyelectronics.com offers no technical support for available products. The client is responsible to determine the quality of a product, its usage, scope, and compatibility with their needs.

If the client has technical support questions, it’s recommended that they contact the manufacturer of the purchased product for related information. The client will be responsible to make the final decision in purchasing and which products can fit their needs.

Liability Limitations

thebuyelectronics.com maintains that the maximum liability to uphold is the price of the purchased product in any circumstances. Liability is not held upon claims or actions related to purchased products that are sold that exceed the above limits. Liability is not assumed for any damages done from third-party claims against the client. This also includes damage, exemplary damage, service interruption, delays, loss, or any other type of loss. This is maintained even if thebuyelectronics.com was aware of the possibility of damages or claims. No liability is held for risk that’s assumed when a product is stored, handled, used, for any products purchased from the website. When an order is placed, the client enters an agreement that assumes knowledge that all warranties are the manufacturer’s responsibility, not thebuyelectronics.com. All products sold through thebuyelectronics.com is sold with all faults included or as-is. The buyer/client is responsible for the risk of a product when in use or storage. If issues arise with the product, the buyer/client is responsible for the costs and risks associated with repair, service, or replacement.


thebuyelectronics.com doesn’t grant permission to anyone to have telephone calls recorded and maintains the right to discontinue any call that is being recorded. The client agrees that they will not make any attempt to record calls associated with the website.

The only time a client may record a call is if the client has provided a clear and precise note to the website and the website has given written consent to the client.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

All disagreements that arise about these Terms and Conditions or the transactional sales of thebuyelectronics.com and the client will be governed by the law of the United Kingdom. The validity, interpretation, or performance of this agreement should not be governed by the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods. The client and thebuyelectronics.com agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and associated venues to have all disputes resolves between this document and the client. Both parties waive all rights exclusive jurisdiction trials and venues of such Courts. The client agrees that no legal action may be taken against thebuyelectronics.com based on this contract, equity, or tort that is more than a year from the date of the applicable invoice.


If part of this contract becomes invalid or illegal, in part or as a whole, the illegality shouldn’t affect portions and provisions that remain. The invalid or illegal provision of this contract will be modified for a similar result that is still valid and enforceable under the applicable laws of the United Kingdom.


The initiating party’s right to require the performance of the other party at any time or under any circumstances will not be affected by the failure of either party in the provision of this agreement. Unless a waiver is written, wavering a breach of any provision from these Terms and Conditions, made by any parties, will not be held or taken by the opposing party to be a provisional continuing waiver.

Entire Agreement

All of thebuyelectronics.com’s invoices and terms and conditions regarded purchased products are considered a complete and exclusive agreement between the client and thebuyelectronics.com. Both parties agree with consideration to all representations, communications, conditions, understandings, warranties, oral and written proposals between the client and thebuyelectronics.com that are about products in question. This document will not be improved or explained by any prior exchange by course of dealing, custom, or usage.

Terms of Sale

  • Payments can be authorized by DISCOVER CARD, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AND VISA
  • Credit cards are noted to be the highly preferred method of payment
  • All items are priced in Euro unless the website states otherwise
  • Orders will only begin going through the packaging and shipping process upon receiving payment
  • Barring exceptional circumstances, all orders are require handling and shipping charges
  • Items are delivered to the specified address between Monday and Friday. All products are shipping within 24 hours of receiving the full payment
  • All delivery dates are subject to change and tentative. Because of this, you may receive your product later or earlier than anticipated
  • All products are guaranteed conformity excluding products that are customized
  • All clients are recommended to contact the product’s manufacturer if it’s not performing as intended or ceases to function within the stated warranty period of the manufacturer
  • Any new products will be shipped to your specified address under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Return requests and authorizations are required to be made within thirty (30) days after the product has been delivered before an item can be returned. To do this, you must log into your account and visit the “Completed Orders” section of the website.
  • All items that are returned must be returned in original packaging and as you received it. The product or packaging may not be damaged in any way. If the product or packaging has become damaged, refunds will not be made available.
  • If you receive a product that is incorrect or broken, thebuyelectronics.com holds the responsibility for shipping the correct product without any additional fees or charges
  • If a product is shipped that is correctly shown in the product description, the client must accept this or bear the shipping charges for return


Items and products may be out of stock after an order is placed. thebuyelectronics.com gives priority to clients to ensure the availability of all products and services, but they are not guaranteed to be in-stock at all times.

Payment Terms

When the client elects to use credit card payment options, card verification must be completed before the order is placed. If you encounter any issues with your card payments, please contact us. C.O.D is described in our policy and orders are only confirmed once 100 percent of the payment is made in advance.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The original manufacturer holds liability for all warranties associated with listed products. The general timeline for most warranties begins when the product has arrived. thebuyelectronics.com is not involved or offers any warranty nor does thebuyelectronics.com extend the warranty beyond the existing period given by the manufacturer. The warranty is assigned to the end-user and is not transferable or assignable. Accidental damages that are made from alteration, modification, negligence, improper operation, or various other methods may exclude the warranty.


All prices listed on thebuyelectronics.com are in EUR. The listed prices do not factor in taxes, fees, handling, shipping, or other associated fees. These prices are meant to see the aggregated associated cost with a specific product up to the point it arrives at the specified address while ordering the product by filling in the required information.

Shipping & Risks from Shipping

All products will be sent to the specified address by our carrier that has been nominated according to your specifications. thebuyelectronics.com maintains the responsibility to ship the product in good faith and condition to the mailing address that was given address. When the client finds the delivery category, the client should consider the risk of unexpected occurrences. This includes non-deliveries, breakage, and other mishaps. If the client wants a more robust solution, insurance policies are available against the total price of the purchased product if any accidental damages could be used to avoid financial losses. Insurance policies are available when opting for any order.

Limited Warranty

thebuyelectronics.com guarantees that all products will be in working condition and good condition and free of any defects in workmanship and material for 30 days from the original purchase date. This may change if the manufacturer provides it within its warranty. OEM CPU products will only have a 7-day warranty that begins after the date of the initial invoice.

thebuyelectronics.com maintains limited liability in repairing or replacing products that were defective and are returned. Freight must be prepaid to thebuyelectronics.com based on the Merchandise Return Policy that is covered in the appropriate section found below. The client/buyer bears responsibility for the shipping costs, charges, risks, damages, or losses that may occur during the transportation of a good to the supplier. Any products that have been altered, repaired, neglected, misused, abused, or installed by anyone other than the manufacturer or approved company by the manufacturer are not included or covered by this warranty.

All warranties will be deemed null and void if the product is changed in terms of additions, alterations, attachments, or improvements that were not authorized in writing by thebuyelectronics.com. All returned products that were repaired or replaced will be covered at the expense of thebuyelectronics.com. Any other charges related to delivery or shipping to other destinations will be assumed the responsibility of the buyer/client.

The above warranty is in place of any other warranties that were expressed or implied. thebuyelectronics.com offers no other warranties, expressed, or implied. Warranties of fitness or merchantability or particular purpose are included. Any damages, special or consequential, or indirect will not be thebuyelectronics.com’s responsibility as loss of business opportunities or profit loss. This liability will not exceed the cost of the purchased products.

Technical Support

No technical support is provided for any products sold through the website. If technical support is needed, it’s recommended to contact the product manufacturer for specific information.

Limitation of Liability

The maximum liability to the client for products purchased will be the price of the purchased product on thebuyelectronics.com. No liability is held by thebuyelectronics.com for loss of use, property damage, personal injury, profit loss, interruption of business, or other special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. All events, circumstances, and situations are applicable whether it’s a breach of contract, guarantee, or strict liability, negligence, or otherwise, other than damages that are exceeding or incapable of exclusion, limitation or restrictions that fall under applicable law.

The offered return policy is not a warranty and should not be considered one. thebuyelectronics.com maintains the right to cancel or change before accepting a purchase. Refunds are given in this manner follow the return procedures. Clients are requested to allow a reasonable time for the product to be inspected and then returned. Once the return has been approved, refunds will be processed to the appropriate payment method.


The title of all hardware products and any media in which software products are available will move to the client/buyer upon shipment. The title of the software will remain with the software licensor.


All terms and conditions are governed and interpreted by the law of the United Kingdom. This is meant to not give conflict to the rule of law. Headings within the Terms and Conditions are meant to assist with reading and are meant to be only taken as a reference. Headings do not affect the interpretation or meaning of the terms and conditions.


If any claims were to arise against thebuyelectronics.com, or any controversy or disputes arise as a result of the Terms and Conditions, including validity, breach, termination or interpretation, or related to any purchase, matters will be resolved by a facilitated arbitration that takes place between an entity that has been chosen by thebuyelectronics.com and located in Unit 29032, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, United Kingdom.

Both the client and thebuyelectronics.com share any costs that may be incurred during the arbitration process. This includes fees that may be required by the arbitrator. This will eventually be distributed between both parties in a final award that is proportionate to the initial claim made by the initiating party. In this process, the arbitrator will not attorney fees or damages to either thebuyelectronics.com or the client. Damages include exemplary, punitive, incidental, consequential, indirect, or special. Both thebuyelectronics.com and the client waive the right to recover damages that are separate or as part of the claim.

No Modification

If a client wishes to modify any items during their transition through thebuyelectronics.com, including altered or additional products, their order will be voided and considered null. Exceptions may only occur if agreed to and obtained in writing by thebuyelectronics.com. Terms and conditions may not be amended, altered, or modified in any way unless a written agreement is provided by thebuyelectronics.com.


thebuyelectronics.com’s Terms and Conditions are declared as severable. Because of this, any element of the terms and conditions that are listed, either in part or in whole, that is found to be unenforceable, invalid, or illegal, will not cause any effect or impairment to validity, enforcement, or legality of remaining essential components listed within the terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions should take precedence and be held above and over any agreement that includes conditions that pertain to any purchased product from thebuyelectronics.com. thebuyelectronics.com maintains that it is the intended beneficiary of these terms and conditions and any other entities may not assign these conditions and terms unless consent is given by thebuyelectronics.com and is in writing.

Website Linking and Framing

Any links that are directed to thebuyelectronics.com should only be created if express permission is granted by thebuyelectronics.com and is in writing. Any unapproved links are prohibited. thebuyelectronics.com maintains the right to cancel, revoke, remove, or obliterate any previous or current permissions that have been granted to link or backlink thebuyelectronics.com. thebuyelectronics.com may do this at any time, without reason, and without notice to any person. Framing the website or any of the content found within it is strictly prohibited as well.

International Importing

All labeling requirements, safety warnings, manuals, or various instructions may not be specified in the preferred dialect of the country that the purchased product is shipped to. The client holds all responsibility and liability in ensuring that the purchased product is lawful to import. When a product is purchased, records are imported by the purchaser. The purchaser/client should understand all regulations and laws of the country that the purchased product is shipped to. All fees, customs duties, and import taxes are will be included in the final cost of a purchased product that is destined for international shipment. Taxes and fees will be applied to the client once the consignment has arrived within your country. The buyer/client is required to own any additional charges or fees associated with customs clearance. thebuyelectronics.com will not be held accountable or responsible for any charges that are seen as additional due to these circumstances. Because of this, thebuyelectronics.com is unable to estimate what the value of these charges may be. Clients/buyers are encouraged to contact the local customs office for information on the customs process and any charges that may be applicable.


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